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Terms of use

The use of the website operated by ThomasLloyd Private Wealth Management GmbH ("ThomasLloyd") (, "Site") as well as the materials contained on the Site is solely permitted per stipulation of these terms ("Terms of use"). The Terms of use apply in favour of ThomasLloyd as well as all affiliated companies of ThomasLloyd in accordance with Section 15 of the German Stock Companies Act and also extend to their legal successors. They are responsible for all persons accessing this Site via an internet connection to be familiar with these Terms of use and to adhere to them. ThomasLloyd's General Terms and Conditions, as well as the contractual agreements concluded between ThomasLloyd and you take precedence over these Terms of use as applies.

Section 1. Usage rights
ThomasLloyd grants you non-exclusive, non-transferable simple usage rights that can be revoked at any time for the Site and the materials and information contained on it, insofar as and for as long as you adhere to the Terms of use and if established, to the agreements concluded with ThomasLloyd. No rights whatsoever to the Site and its contents are transferred by the grant of access to the Site. You may only download information that is displayed on your computer screen in the course of the use of functions and services of this Site for viewing and printing it out for private non-commercial purposes. No rights in excess thereof are granted. In particular, you are not authorised to download, modify, duplicate, publish, use, disseminate or otherwise utilise any part of the contents and the design, including brand names, product descriptions, domain names, logos etc. Any copying of contents and design of the Site requires the explicit prior written consent of ThomasLloyd. Without explicit prior approval by ThomasLloyd, no contents, particularly including any links to other websites, may be inserted or saved on the Site. ThomasLloyd explicitly prohibits any use for the purpose of entering into competition with ThomasLloyd or any other members of the ThomasLloyd Group or to interfere with its business. You may not use the Site to offer services to or in favour of third parties.

Section 2. Registration
Users may register for the Site in order to receive a newsletter subscription or to be able to access other features that may be added to the Site in the future. If you do not register you may not use the advantages of such a program or such features. There is no right to receiving registration from ThomasLloyd. By registering for the Site, you declare your consent to provide up-to-date and accurate information about yourself as requested by ThomasLloyd and to inform ThomasLloyd immediately of any changes regarding the data made available by you for this purpose by using the method provided for doing so. You are responsible to ensure that emails transmitted to you by ThomasLloyd will also be received by you. Insofar as the registration and the selection of user name (user ID) and a password so requires, you are responsible for maintaining secrecy of the user ID and password as well as all online activities that are exercised on the Site or via the Site using this user ID and this password. You undertake (a) to ensure that the user ID and the password is not disclosed to third parties, (b) that you will immediately inform ThomasLloyd, if you learn of an unauthorised use of your user ID and your password, and (c) to log out and leave the Site at the end of each visit to the Site. After receipt of a notification by you about the unauthorised use of your user ID and password, ThomasLloyd will immediately block the access to the area of the Site, which is protected by the user IDs and the passwords, and will only remove the block after new registration of the user with issuance of a new user ID and password. ThomasLloyd is entitled at any time to temporarily suspend or completely terminate your registration without statement of reasons and without advance notice. ThomasLloyd is specifically authorised to enact such a suspension or termination if you violate these Terms of use or have not used the Site for a longer period. You may request the deletion of your registration at any time in writing or by email, unless continuous contractual relationship opposes it. In that case, ThomasLloyd will delete your user ID and your password as well as your other stored personal data as soon as it is no longer needed.

Section 3. Access to the Site, availability and changes
ThomasLloyd does not assume any liability for the permanent availability of the Site or its capacity to be summoned. The access to the Site may at any time be limited completely or partly over a temporary period and may be interrupted or restricted without prior notice and the operation of the Site including the services and information offered to you may be terminated. ThomasLloyd reserves the right to supplement or delete the contents of the Site, including all services and features that may be used by you within the scope of this Site, at any time and without prior notice.

Section 4. Proprietary and property rights
The Site and its contents and design, including all data, texts, images, files, applications etc., which are provided on the Site and required for the functioning of the Site or which may be downloaded from it, are protected by copyrights, trademarks and other rights. You may neither remove nor modify any alphanumerical marks, brands or copyright notices from the information or other applications on this Site or on copies thereof. The legal regulations on the protection of copyrights, trademarks and other rights of intellectual property of ThomasLloyd remain unaffected for the rest. With exception of personal data that is covered under our Data protection declaration, all material transferred by you to this Site is deemed not confidential and is not copyright protected. ThomasLloyd accepts no obligations whatsoever regarding such materials. ThomasLloyd and persons/organisations designated by ThomasLloyd have the right to copy, publish and disseminate such materials and all data, images, sounds, texts and materials contained therein as well as to integrate these in systems or use them in other ways for commercial and non-commercial purposes of any kind.

Section 5. No offer, no consulting, no binding investment information
The Site and the information and contents contained on it are merely of general nature and neither represent a contract offer nor financial, service, investment or other form of consulting (including any kind of legal, tax or financial consulting and advice regarding the use, usability and profitability of securities and other investments) and are no substitution for appropriate and individualised advice. You should not exclusively rely on the information made accessible on the Site and should in any case seek additional independent professional advice, in particular in financial, tax and legal aspects before making any investment decisions, since the Site does not include all aspects and criteria that are relevant for you personally or for your company with regard to an investment decision, and because it does not present all possible alternative products, which might also fulfil or be more appropriate for your purposes or needs. By the provision or retrieval of contents on the Site, ThomasLloyd does not enter into any contractual relationship with you. The Site and its contents are not to be understood as a recommendation for concluding or refraining from certain transactions and business, and neither be understood as a recommendation, offer or call for trading, purchase or sale, respectively the use of securities, other financial products or services, which require appropriate and individual consulting beforehand. In certain cases, emission circulars, prospectuses or memoranda may be available on the Site pertaining to private placements relating to a certain product. ThomasLloyd does not assume any liability for their contents. Users should read the information contained therein carefully and in addition seek professional advice before they make an investment decision. Information about the performance of securities or other financial products and investments that is contained on this Site is based on past experience, from which no indications or binding statements regarding future performance, particularly pertaining to future profits or losses, may be derived. An investor may make profits or losses with an investment and any investor must be prepared for a total loss of its invested funds. The products presented on this Site – unless it is specifically advised – are neither insured nor guaranteed by the government. All opinions, statements and assessments of ThomasLloyd that are expressed on the Site and which are presented as such, only reflect the respective opinion, statement and assessment at the time of publication and can be changed at any time and do not represent binding statements or assurances of ThomasLloyd in any case. Price levels and valuations published on the Site are merely indicative and non-binding and only serve the purposes of information. News, prices and other current information are normally shown with a time delay.

Section 6. Liability and guarantee exclusion
The purpose of the Site is to make general information about ThomasLloyd available to the public, and to facilitate communication with ThomasLloyd for customers and prospective customers. The Site is also a source of information for customers and prospective customers of ThomasLloyd with regard to the products and services that are available from ThomasLloyd and its affiliated companies. ThomasLloyd does not assume any liability or guarantee for material and legal defects of the Site, including technical defects and viruses, and the information and applications provided on the Site or for the correctness of the results that you or other third parties arrived at by the use of this Site. ThomasLloyd furthermore specifically does not guarantee the correctness, absence of errors, completeness, currentness, marketability and usability of the Site and its contents as well as its suitability for a specific purpose, or for the Site's non-infringement on property, proprietary and copyrights of third parties, and your ability or inability to use the Site and its contents. ThomasLloyd does not accept any responsibility for the case that the Site and its contents are fully or partly unavailable or that they can only be used to limited extent on basis of technical or other defects. The Site and its contents are provided "as is". ThomasLloyd excludes any liability and guarantee in connection with the use (or the inability of use) of the Site and its contents, insofar as this valid and provided that there is no mandatory statutory liability for intent, gross negligence, injury to life, body or health. ThomasLloyd is not liable in context of the use of or the access to the Site in particular for direct or indirect damages and losses as well as consequential damages, even if the possibility of such is expressly advised of. This also applies to the loss of income, profit, expected savings and other damages and losses that are created in particular by orders, investment decisions or the purchase and sale or trade of products of third parties, which are made on the basis of the information provided on the Site.

Section 7. Regional restrictions
The Site as well as the products and services described on it are not directed to users domiciled or permanently residing in or with citizenship of the United States of America, Australia, Canada and Japan, or persons in countries or jurisdictions where the offer or sale of such products and services, or the publication of information about these to such persons is fully or partly restricted or prohibited on basis of citizenship, residence or other reasons. Persons to whom the Site is not directed pursuant to this Section 7 are not permitted to access to the Site, and the information contained on the Site may not be disseminated to countries or jurisdictions where this is prohibited. The emission circulars, prospectuses and/or memoranda with regard to private placements include information pertaining to the sales restrictions for all products described on the Site and the user should read these carefully. The securities described on these Internet pages are not registered according to the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, and trading with such securities has not been approved for the purposes of the U.S. Commodities Exchange Act of 1936. These securities must not be offered in the USA, to U.S. citizens or residents of the USA, or be sold there or sold to them.

Section 8. Information and assessments of third parties
All opinions, advice, statements, services, offers and other information or contents that are made accessible by third parties (including information providers or users of this Site) are solely those of the respective originator and not ThomasLloyd. ThomasLloyd does not necessarily agree with such opinions, advice or statements, which are made on the Site, and does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for their correctness, completeness and reliability

Section 9. Notice regarding possible conflicts of interests
ThomasLloyd and its affiliated companies according to Section 15 of the German Stock Companies Act and their respective managers, employees and representatives ("Members of the ThomasLloyd Group") may not hold or have held any own interests in securities or other financial products or investments or other values and/or entertain or have entertained any relationships with companies, which are directly or indirectly referenced on this Site, e.g. in that they hold these values themselves or trade them or act as market maker for such values or in that they have performed services for such companies.

Section 10. Indemnification
You hereby indemnify the individual members of ThomasLloyd Group from any receivable claims, legal actions, obligations, damage compensation claims, costs and expenses, including appropriate lawyer fees, which might be filed by third parties due to the use of the Site and its contents, and you hereby undertake to compensate and indemnify the relevant persons of ThomasLloyd Group, if such claims are raised against them. This does not apply insofar as the relevant person of the ThomasLloyd Group has acted in contribution with intent or gross negligence in the causation of the receivable claims, legal actions, obligations, damage compensation claims, costs or expenses.

Section 11. Hyperlinks to other websites
If you use certain hyperlinks on ThomasLloyd’s website, you might leave ThomasLloyd's Site. ThomasLloyd is not responsible for the content of the internet pages, which are reached via hyperlinks. For this reason, ThomasLloyd cannot accept any guarantee or liability for the correctness, completeness or currentness of information that can be reached via hyperlinks. ThomasLloyd expressly does not assume any liability for information that can be reached from the Site via hyperlinks. Without prior written approval you may not use any part of this Site on any other website or link another website to the Site.

Section 12. Safety of communication
The safety of the communication via the internet and by email cannot be guaranteed. There is the risk that information contained in an email correspondence or in an attachment to it, including confidential information, be intercepted in the transmission, lost, destroyed or delayed. Although ThomasLloyd will take appropriate measures to minimise such risks, ThomasLloyd does not provide any guarantee that communication or emails or attachments thereto that are sent are free from viruses, malware or other damaging contents.

Section 13. Export and international laws
The export of certain information, data or applications may be subject to special regulations, in particular export regulations and export restrictions, and might be subject to official approval. You undertake to strictly observe the relevant regulations for such an export, especially those of the EU or the individual EU member states as well as those of the USA, and also the relevant regulations of the country to which the information, data files or applications are to be taken to, and if necessary obtain required approvals in advance. You undertake to refrain from the export of any contents of the Site to a country to which the import is prohibited and likewise from any export originating from a country from which the export is prohibited under the laws of the USA. You declare that you are not citizen of such a country. You furthermore undertake to refrain from any use of the Site’s contents for a purpose that would be illegal under the laws of any country.

Section 14. Applicable law, jurisdiction, changes and severability clause
These Terms of use, your use of the Site and downloads from the Site are exclusively governed by German law in exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. All legal disputes in connection with these Terms of use or your use of this Site are within the competence of the German courts. Place of jurisdiction, if the user is a businessperson in the meaning of the German Commercial Code, is Stuttgart, Germany. The Site is operated by and in the responsibility of ThomasLloyd. Because ThomasLloyd is domiciled in Germany, the Site complies with the relevant legal requirements applicable in Germany. ThomasLloyd does not guarantee that the Site, its use or these Terms of use (in full or in part) conform to the respective relevant laws outside of Germany. If you access this Site from locations outside of Germany, you do so on own initiative and are exclusively personally responsible for the adherence to the laws and regulations applicable to you pursuant to the respective country's laws in respect of the Site and its contents. The Terms of use may be changed, amended or replaced at any time by ThomasLloyd. You should read the Terms of use carefully in the beginning of each visit to the Site with regard to possible changes or amendment. Side agreements and contractual agreements in supplementation of these Terms of use, or which are intended to take precedence over them, require the written form. The complete or partial invalidity, illegitimacy or unenforceability of a provision of these Terms of use pursuant to the law of a jurisdiction does not affect the validity, legitimacy or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms of use.